Hi, I'm Kim

I am a CPA, Financial Analyst, and a Financial Coach based in Orange County, California.

I started developing a passion towards building wealth ever since I could remember. I was also raised by my single immigrant Mother whose hard work ethic constantly inspires me to work towards big goals in life.

However, I was not always good with money... When I started my first big girl job, I was obsessed with spending money to portray a certain image. I constantly avoided looking at my credit card transactions because I wanted to avoid the negative feelings that came with it.

                                     Sounds Familiar?

Financial literacy is a lifelong learning process that can empower you to become the confident person you were meant to be.

One day I decided that instead of spending my money to "look" and "feel" rich, I wanted to actually BECOME rich. I committed to learning about personal finance and developed a strategic wealth building system that allows me to maximize my income, savings, and investments.

Through this journey I gained a sense of confidence and fulfillment that I didn’t have before – that I am in control of my life and can take it to wherever I want it to be. Which is why I'm passionate about personal finance and want to help you achieve the same results!

The key to success is opening the door to new knowledge and experiences.

Once I recognized that my spending habits were holding me back from financial success, I made a commitment to prioritize financial literacy. I was able to:

  Build an emergency fund

  Purchase a house

  Grow my net worth by $300k+ in 3 years

  Pay off $28,000 of debt in 9 months

  Save 50% of my income consistently while living my dream life, traveling, and going out with friends.

My dream is to empower others to take control of their money, so that they can do what they love, and be who they want to be. Now, are you ready to take charge of your life and invest in yourself?

When I'm not thinking about finance..